Where  to Sell old Coins in South Africa

  • Where  to Sell old Coins

Older coins the better return ….. for sure If_you collect coins, old bank notes and medals, it might work in your favour to have them evaluated because you could be sitting on a gold mine.

“For example, there were only about 50 English 50c pieces minted in 1965, so they are catalogued at about R40 000 or R50 000. But in 1966, there were thousands of Afrikaans 50c coins minted, but because of the quantity, they are not that valuable,” he said.

War medals were valued by the rank, regiment and why the medal was issued. The value of a medal could also increase if a recipient had been killed or wounded in battle.


The ultimate ZAR set to own is the Proof Set. It is the king of all of our sets and consists of 9 coins, with an estimated mintage of only 12. These are extremely rare and very expensive. They are also fantastic investments. The owners of these sets can generally expect return rates far in excess of 50% per annum.

The next best set to accumulate is a complete set of ordinary ZAR coins from the first year of mintage. It is commonly referred to as a Standard 1892 Set. This consists of 11 coins. It would be difficult to fault a collector or investor who has compiled a Standard 1892 Set. Another excellent set to compile is a set of the ordinary gold coins of 1892. This is called a Gold 1892 Short Set. It consists of three coins, namely the Double Shaft Pond, Double Shaft Half Pond and the Single Shaft Pond

So, You have old South African coins & time has come to find out where to trade them for money, Here are ways to trade the coins, you have to select by your own comfort area,

1. Coin traders
Your coin traders are the best route to select if they are close to you. They (dealers) are a quick & easy method of selling the old_coins. One should expect good cash for the coins depending on the trading principles of that dealer.

Best select coin delears who have been buying for a long time , not new guys.

Best to be on good books with shop owner as he can also advise you on coin price trends. You can also google up the shops close to you to compare prices,


You might not have one close to you,
The value might not the market priced as everyone wants to make a profit.

Option 2. Pawn_Shops

Commonly these shops do exchange and cheap buys, so you would wonder why here?

These are actually popular coins buyers, sometimes some are not up to scratch with prices but they are commonly located all over South Africa.


Easily close by to your house
Instant money at hand on purchase, no cheques or deposits for payment
Face 2 face transactions, most are honest, upfront & much_easier to transact with,
Fair price and warm advise available
Mostly its Private, no online dealings

You most likely to recieve less money at a pawn_shop than a coin dealer !!
Bringing a rare or numismatic coin ungraded to a pawn broker may not give you fair value
3. Coin Exhebitions
The Coin shows are a gòod & fruitful place to see collectible coins, sliver items.

You get to see a variety of coin and prices offered from all over the world !

This is because coins are available all over.

For sho these shows are mainly for the purchasing coins or collectibles from the people than the other way round. One would want to get many quotes from the show guys before letting go of your coins.

Mandela  coins;


In the Sheldon scale system used in the United States to grade coins, the prefix MS means “mint state” and refers to a coin that is regarded as uncirculated. The number of imperfections that an MS coin has is shown by its score on a scale from 70 to 60. For example, an MS70 is a perfect uncirculated coin (obviously, this is rare), an MS65 has minor imperfections and an MS60 has fairly abundant scratches that can be seen by the naked eye.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is the most popular company in the US used for grading the Mandela R5 90th birthday coins.

The rarity (or otherwise) of a coin in a particular grade can be determined by checking the population reports for a particular coin.

These population reports are available from the grading companies. For example, a member of he NGC Collectors’ Society can log on to the NGC website and find out how many R5 Mandela 90th birthday coins have been awarded a particular grade by the NGC.

Where to sell coins in Joburg,

OR Tambo International Airport, Kempton Park
Benoni AH, Benoni

We are are coins and note dealer based in Benoni. We buy and sell all South African coins

Woodmead, Sandton
Try these good luck !!!

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